Workshops & Talks

A photo of hosts Mark and Benny running a workshop with a group of children, who are all holding up small whiteboards and laughing.

Blue Badge Bunch is the show that gives panellists and audiences the opportunity to experience different disabilities, by playing interactive games such as ’Below the Belt’, where panellists (and audiences) draw with their bare feet, ‘Jamie’s Gamey’, working out sentences from a speaking aid, and ‘Audio Destruction’, being blindfolded and describing pictures to the team.

A workshop or talk with host, Benny Shakes gives groups the chance to hear Benny’s story, play games from the show and think about how disability affects people. You can even come up with your own games – some of which may even be used on stage by the Blue Badge Bunch team!

Led by Blue Badge Bunch host, Benny Shakes who has Cerebral Palsy and has many years’ experience of working with young people in schools and in community settings.

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